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We put teachers first, since they put students first. Our curriculum is designed to give teachers the perfect starting point—engaging curriculum that’s aligned to the state standards and includes everything they need.

Rigorously Aligned. Perpetually Designed.

A new paradigm for engagement.

If your teachers are still staying up until 9 PM planning, give us a call. We create full-solution curriculums with content students love, assignments that build competency, and a workflow that supports a teacher’s work-life balance and love of teaching. 

What if your curriculum never got old?

How we're different...

Curriculum Development

We take curriculum development to new levels. Say goodbye to static, boring texts.

Perpetual Improvements

We make data-driven improvements to continuously improve the effectiveness of the curriculum

Make it Yours

We understand that your teachers want freedom to customize their curriculum without restraints.


Let's face it. Your textbooks were already out of date before the ink dried on the page. We provide the bleeding edge in content improvements that your students will love and your teachers will appreciate.

Locked-in Prices

We offer two cost structures: subscription or lifetime. Either way, you'll always know your costs. (Or join the wait list for our home school program)

Community Funded

When any school or district signs up, we pass the curriculum improvements on to our existing partners.

Join the wait list

While we would love to serve everyone, We can currently only offer two development periods per year.


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